Sunday, 13 February 2011

The Chariot Race by Alexander von Wagner (c.1882)

Steve the Wargamer put up a picture of The Chariot Race by Alexander von Wagner (1838-1919) on his blog and lamented the fact that he couldn't find a bigger image on the web (I couldn't either).

I went to Manchester a couple of years ago on a boring management awayday, but managed to escape in the afternoon and visit the Art Gallery where I saw this painting. The picture is huge; about four and a half feet by ten feet and in real life is quite breathtaking.

Anyway, I bought a large postcard of it so have scanned it at a larger size.

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debugger said...

This is not a comment, but a request for permission to use the image you've posted of Wagner's Chariot Race, on my personal site (under construction), which uses a chariot theme.

I'd provide a credit as follows:
The Chariot Race, courtesy of
legatus hedlius,

Bob Binder